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Assessing the Volitional Prong of the Insanity Defense. Ira K. Packer, Ph.D., Law and Psychiatry Program, University of Massachusetts Medical School

(Key words: Criminal Responsibility, Insanity Defense, Volitional Prong)

Ake v. Oklahoma

(Federal, Right to Psychiatric Expert for Criminal Responsibility)

Blaisdell v. Commonwealth

(Mass, Privilege against Self Incrimination applicable to psychiatric exam)

Commonwealth v Berry

COMMONWEALTH v. BERRY (2010): Clarified instructions to juries stressing that voluntary intoxication when mixed with either a latent or active mental illness does not necessarily preclude a finding of lack of criminal responsibility.

Commonwealth v. Dipadova (2011)

Voluntary consumption of alcohol or substances and criminal responsibilty

Commonwealth v. Joann Sliech

COMMONWEALTH v. SLIECH-BRODEUR (2010) involves an individual convicted of murder.

Commonwealth v. McHoul

(Mass, Criminal Responsibility Standard)

Commonwealth v. Sheehan

(Mass, Intoxication and Criminal Responsibility)

Commonwealth v. Stroyny

(Mass, Information obtained in Court Ordered CR evaluation can not be disclosed until the Judge allows)

Helen  KIRK  v.  COMMONWEALTH (2011)

The SJC finds that commitment hearings pursuant to MGL Ch. 123 § 16c are “presumptively” open to the public.

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