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The Ability to Make Relevant Decisions: Implications for Competence to Stand Trial Evaluations.  Thomas Grisso, Ph.D.,  Law and Psychiatry Program, University of Massachusetts Medical School 

(Key words: Competence, CST, Decisions, Decision-Making)

Assessing the Volitional Prong of the Insanity Defense. Ira K. Packer, Ph.D., Law and Psychiatry Program, University of Massachusetts Medical School

(Key words: Criminal Responsibility, Insanity Defense, Volitional Prong)

104 CMR 33 regulations

Designation and Appointment of Qualified Mental Health Professionals

Commonwealth v. Lamb 1974

(Expert Testimony & DFP, Mass Case, Limits of Confidentiality)

Estelle v. Smith

(Expert Testimony & DFP, Federal Case, lack of admissibility of pre-trial examination information at sentencing phase)

Guidance for Improving Forensic Reports: A Review of Common Errors

Citation: Grisso, T. (2010). Guidance for improving forensic reports: A review of common errors.  Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology, 2, 102-115.

In Re Laura L

(Expert Testimony & DFP, Mass Case, Lack of admissibility if Lamb warning is not understood)

MGL Chapter 123

General Laws of Massachusetts – Chapter 123 – Mental Health

Practice Issues

Recommendations for Treatment in Jail of 15(b) Defendants Being Discharged After the Evaluation Period (or after restoration in competency)

Care and Treatment Recommendations for Patients found Incompetent to Stand Trial

Guidelines When Defendant’s Version Cannot Be Obtained in a CR Evaluation