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Abbot A., a juvenile v. Commonwealth 2010

Summary: The SJC finds that an individual who is determined incompetent to stand trial can still be subject to a dangerousness hearing under Ch. 276 § 58a. The court emphasizes the need to determine the reason for lack of competency in determining how long and under what provisions an individual can be held. While the court, in this case addresses a juvenile matter, the case is applicable to both adults and juveniles.

Berghuis v. Thompkins

BERGHUIS v. THOMPKINS (2010), deals with an individual who was determined to have waived his Miranda rights after “he was largely silent during the 3-hour interrogation, but near the end, he answered ‘yes’ when asked if he prayed to God to forgive him for the shooting.”

Commonwealth v Berry

COMMONWEALTH v. BERRY (2010): Clarified instructions to juries stressing that voluntary intoxication when mixed with either a latent or active mental illness does not necessarily preclude a finding of lack of criminal responsibility.

Commonwealth v. Joann Sliech

COMMONWEALTH v. SLIECH-BRODEUR (2010) involves an individual convicted of murder.

Graham v Florida

GRAHAM v. FLORIDA (2010), the Court ruled that individuals who were under 18 when they committed crimes other than homicide cannot be punished with life in prison without parole.

Guidance for Improving Forensic Reports: A Review of Common Errors

Citation: Grisso, T. (2010). Guidance for improving forensic reports: A review of common errors.  Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology, 2, 102-115.

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